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Femcare, diapers, wet wipes, absorbent pads, tissues and paper towels are just some of the products manufactured by converted paper products companies.  The process of roll loading, unwinding, roll splicing, web aligning, perforation and cutting and web folding all happen at high speeds.  Infeed performance, transfers to the compression and turning modules, synchronized stacking, and wrapping occur at speeds of well over 1,000 products per minute and packages of up to 200 per minute.  Fastec high-speed cameras are making a measureable difference in reducing jams and speeding throughput in converter paper.

Use Cases


Femcare Manufacturing

A global manufacturer of femcare products was experiencing a higher than desired rate of jams in its stacker stations.  Fastec InLine cameras were mounted in a fixed position over the stackers where the jams were occurring.


There must be precise timing between the conveyor and the folding paddles or the napkin/pad will not be folded in the middle.  After folding if the timing is off the napkin/pad will not be slotted into the stacker or two napkins will be put into the same slot of the stacker both causing a line stop.


The cameras were connected via Ethernet to a host PC with up to 4 cameras per PC and are controlled with FIMS 3.0 using the auto-download function.  The cameras take a direct signal input from the PLC’s running the machines.  When there is a jam resulting in a line stop, the camera is triggered by the PLC and it automatically downloads a sequence of images to the PC and then rearms so it is ready for the next PLC trigger.  The auto-download means that the operators do not have to be present to trigger the cameras and can view the images after the jam.


By analyzing the shots from the InLines, the operators were able to make timing adjustments that significantly reduced the number of jams and line stops per day saving thousands of dollars of scrapped material.

Recommended Cameras

TS5 greyBox


Portable high-speed camera with 2560 x 2048 resolution and up to 18,644 fps.


IL5 greyBox


Tethered high-speed camera with 2560 x 2048 resolution and up to 18,644 fps.

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