HiSpec LTR1


Continuous high-speed recording for hours


1280 x 1024 resolution CMOS sensor


No need to download between shots

Extended record times at lower resolutions


 Portable form factor for easy setup and transport


Unlike traditional high-speed camera systems, the HiSpec LTR1 can record continuously for hours. Traditional high-speed camera systems can only capture for very short durations – as little as 2 seconds – before the camera memory must be downloaded or saved to a host PC. This process can take several minutes, during which the camera is not recording. This leads to missed events. With the HiSpec LTR1, rapidly recurring events are never missed due to downloading. The HiSpec LTR1 can be set to capture countless short duration events with no downloading necessary.



Compact Size - 63mm H x 63mm W x 65mm D and .28 kg