New Long-Record Models


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SAN DIEGO, CA Fastec Imaging Corporation, a global manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, is pleased to announce the release of the new “Dual Mode” TS4 and IL4 high-speed cameras. Capable of recording short bursts of high-speed footage in the range of seconds to tens of seconds just like Fastec’s TS3 and IL3 cameras, TS4 and IL4 cameras also are capable of making recordings in the range of minutes to hours by streaming to built-in, high-performance SATA II or SATA III Solid State Drives.


Whether Fastec cameras are used in manufacturing, research, sports, or broadcast, advanced triggering capabilities such as Fastec’s unique FasFire mode may be used to precisely capture only the action needed in high-speed. Other times, even in the same applications, there may be no easy way to set up a trigger, or there may be a requirement for capturing every moment in high-speed, creating a much longer recording. Prior to the development of the TS4 and IL4 there was no way to offer these Dual Modes in a single product.


The first small-form-factor, self-contained high-speed cameras with long recording capabilities, both the TS4 and IL4 maintain the same stand-alone and advanced triggering capabilities as the TS3 and IL3. The TS4 may be operated as a hand-held device, controlled via touch screen, while both the TS4 and IL4 may be operated in stand-alone modes, controlled via serial I/O signals, or via PC, MAC, or any networked device capable of running a web browser.


According to Matt Kearney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fastec Imaging, “With the release of the TS4 and IL4, we at Fastec are redoubling our efforts to make high-speed cameras that are easy and intuitive to use. Our recent updates included advanced triggering and data transfer features, setting a new bar for high-speed image acquisition and workflow. Dual Mode adds Long Recording capabilities to an already powerful platform.” Regarding the Fastec LTR offerings, Matt continues, “There is definitely a place for the Fastec LTR systems as well. These purpose-built, high-performance systems are capable of both higher capacity and bandwidth than the TS4 and IL4. But the new cameras offer a flexibility not found elsewhere.”


Along with the release of the TS4 and IL4 are enhancements shared with the TS3 and IL3. Among these are support for up to six data input channels that may be used to create searchable Markers with a user-programmable logical filter. The status of all six channels may be saved and stored and also graphically displayed, much like signals on an oscilloscope, in Fastec FasMotion software. These features are designed to help the user set a context for their high-speed capture.


Fastec Imaging is a global manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems. The company specializes in uniquely portable and affordable high-speed camera systems, including handheld, point-and-shoot systems, compact PC-controlled cameras, and long duration record systems. Fastec cameras are used in myriad applications, including engineering, industrial manufacturing, packaging, medical and academic research, biomechanics, military range testing, sports performance, and broadcast entertainment.