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From as far back as ancient Greece, man has been on a constant quest to understand and improve human performance. Leading researchers and renowned sports trainers are utilizing high speed cameras to break down the complexities of human movement in order to develop stronger, faster athletes. Because of their incredible portability and handheld form factor, Fastec high speed cameras are used all over the globe as the preferred video training tool for the world’s greatest athletes. You will find high speed cameras in the training facilities for almost any sport there is – be it track and field, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, skating, skiing, or even extreme action sports. The benefits of human locomotion research are not reserved exclusively for the elite athletes. Fastec cameras are also commonly found in the research lab, providing crucial data for human gait analysis, kinesiology and biomechanics. The results of such studies can help reduce sports related injury, assist the creation of state-of-the-art prosthetics to assist the disabled, or even help design better running shoes or protective sports apparel.

Recommended Cameras

TS5 greyBox


Portable high-speed camera with 2560 x 2048 resolution and up to 18,644 fps.


IL5 greyBox


Tethered high-speed camera with 2560 x 2048 resolution and up to 18,644 fps.